Can I change my website URL (address)?

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If you'd like to change your wedding website URL (address), that is something we can assist you with. As long as the URL you are interested in assigning to your website is available and is in the format, we can easily assign it to your website.

You can also check the URL you are interested in for availability by typing (Note: you are unable to use symbols such as &, punctuation marks - . ! " / ? - or other non-alphanumeric characters in your URL extension.)


If you land on an active wedding website, then that address cannot be made available. If you get taken to a page saying “Sorry, the page you requested was not found,” then you know that address is likely available.

If you wish to proceed, please submit a request or contact our Support Staff. To help us help you more efficiently, please reference the exact URL you wish to have assigned to your website. Again, you can determine the availability of the URL by following the steps outlined in the second paragraph of this article.