Can I add a Poll or Quiz to my website?

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 Unfortunately, we currently do not offer a poll or quiz application for the wedding websites.

One option you might consider is to use a website like to create a poll that shows on your wedding website. is a generic site to create polls and quizzes for free. It gives instructions on how to create your poll or quiz.

Once you have created your poll or quiz, copy the HTML code under “Use This Code For an HTML Link” and paste it in any large text fields on your wedding website including your “Home Page”, “Introduction text” fields on sub-pages, or in an individual item's “Description” or “Comments” fields.

Then save the page, open up your site in your browser and refresh the page. Your new poll or quiz will show up as a link with the title you choose for it on the website.

This feature is a popular request and is on our list of suggestions for potential future improvements.