Can I make another "Wedding Party" page?

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Currently, there is not an option to exactly duplicate the format of the the website pages - including the "Wedding Party" page. Adding the option for adding duplicating specifically formatted pages such as the "Wedding Party" page is a popular request and is currently under consideration for potential future development.

In the meantime, you might consider using one of the "Custom Pages" included with your website to create a separate page for the groomsmen.

To do this, log in to your account and click "Free Websites", then click one of the "Custom Page" links.

Next, give the page a new title ("Groomsmen", for example), and add any additional information in the "Introduction text" (not required). Make sure to click "Save".

Then, scroll down and click "+Add item".

In the page that opens, you can add any information you wish for the (a groomsman or bridesmaid, for example) including a photo (the same process as the "Wedding Party" page).

Click "Save".

Now, when you go back to your website, click the new page link and you will see the new entry. Simply repeat the process for each party memeber.

Please note that while you are able to organize the page like the "Wedding Party" page, the format will look slightly different.