How do I add / embed a map into my wedding website?

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While we currently don't have a map tool added into the many features of our Free Wedding Websites, a great work around is to embed a Google Map into one of your existing pages. 

For example, I have my guests staying at the Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Denver, but I am hosting the wedding day events at the Denver Art Museum. I can embed a Google Map  with the direct route drawn out, making it easy for my guests to find their way from one place to the other. 

First, go to Google Maps ( and select "Get Directions". Enter the address of the starting and ending destinations. Once you have the directions, select the "link" icon:




Then, copy the HTML code:




Once the code is copied, head back to your wedding website and paste the code into a large text box, which can be done on *most* pages. 





Select Save

Go ahead and view the page, the Google Map should now be embedded into the page:


That's it! Use this great work around to add a map / directions to your wedding website for your guests.