How do I add a logo to a manual registry entry?

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For those who are adding a manual registry to your wedding website and don't like the default text that appears as the name, try out this easy tip to add a logo using some simple HTML code. 




First, you will need to find the logo you would like to display on your registry page. I am looking to add an Amazon logo to my above manual registry entry.

I am going to do a Google image search to help me find the right one. Just enter something simple like "Amazon logo" into a Google search and then select the Image tab:




Once you find the logo you would like to use, right-click on the image and select "Copy image URL":




Then, you need to head over to to shorten the copied URL, as it may be too long to fit in the  registry text field. Paste the URL into the provided box, then select "MakeTiny URL":




Just copy the new, shorter URL:




I am going to head back over to my "Amazon" registry page and enter this code (This is the HTML code) into the first field, "Registry Name":

<img src=" " />


Then, I paste the shortened URL between the two quotation marks, making sure there are no spaces between the quotation marks:


Select Save at the bottom. Then view the page and the logo should show up!




This is a great tip to make your registry page look better!