How do I add a Full or Original sized image to my website?

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When you upload a photo to the site, the original size is scaled down and compressed to fit to the template. This can cause problems if you are trying to upload a large image with fine detail. 



Fortunately, you can add some simple HTML code to add a full sized image to one of your wedding website pages. 

The easiest way to accomplish this task is to use a photo hosting service such as Photobucket, Flickr, or other photo storage/hosting site.  You can usually sign up for free, if you don't  already have an account. 

Step 1: Upload the photo to the web

This article (pulled from the Photobucket Support site) will help you get started on how to upload:

Photobucket already provides the HTML code, you just need to copy and paste it into the correct spot. 


Step 2: Copy HTML code 

Once the image has been uploaded to your account, click the HTML code toward the right of the image. You should only need to click it once for it to copy. 




Step 3: Paste HTML Code into your Website

Once you have copied the HTML code, head back over to your wedding website and paste it into a large text box. This text box should be available on most pages. I have set up a custom page labeled "Treasure Map". 



Make sure to click "SAVE" when you have pasted the HTML code. 


Step 4: Success!

Once saved, click "view this page" and the image should be shown at it's full size. 



Another option (if you don't want to use Photobucket OR if you want to use an image from the web) is to use a small piece of HTML code to accomplish the same task.

Step 1: Copy image URL

Since I already have this photo already uploaded to Photobucket, I'll grab the URL from there. You can do the same, or you can right-click most images on the web to find their URL



Step 2: Type HTML code into text box

This is the code you can type into the text box: <img src="InsertURLhere" />

Then, once you have this typed out (make sure to also paste your URL into the space provided, InsertURLhere, between both quotation marks)


Click "SAVE"

Step 3: Success!



This is a great work-around to ensure your photo / image's full size is shown on your website.