How do I add or embed a video into my website?

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While we don't' currently have the function to upload videos to your wedding website, you can upload a video to either YouTube or Vimeo and embed the provided HTML code to a page in your website, as a way to add video. 

Ill be using YouTube as the example in this article. 


First, you will want to upload a video to YouTube. This article explains How To Upload a Video to YouTube 


 Your uploaded video will look similar to this:


Then, once the video has been uploaded to your account (related screenshot steps above):

  1. Select "Share"
  2. Select "Embed"
  3. Copy the HTML code provided in the embed tab
Once you have the HTML code copied, head back over to your wedding website and choose which page you would like to add the video to. Then you simply need to paste the HTML code into a large text box, as shown below:
Once pasted, select "Save". 
Go ahead and view your page, it should now have the YouTube video showing.