Website Privacy - Your "Wedpass"

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Included with your wedding website planning tools is a feature called the "Wedpass". It allows you to protect your website from unwanted access or to simply keep it private while you build and edit it.

Click here to find out how to turn on your Wedpass

The Wedpass has two options to choose from:

1. Simple password protection: This option lets you simply set a password of your choosing. Then, only those guests to whom you provide it will be able to access your website.

2. Guest registration requirement + password:  Selecting this option will require your guests to register* a account. Then, when they wish to access your site, they will need to log in to their account in addition to entering the password. Guest registration also allows you to easily keep track of who has access to your site by listing registered guests as "approved users" in your account. And, you may revoke users' access at will.


*Please note:  While option #2 does require your guests to provide their name and email address when registering with, the information they provide will never be shared, sold, or otherwise disseminated outside of Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages for more information.