How To Turn On / Off the Wedpass option

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To make your website private by enabling your "Wedpass":


1. Log in and select Manage Website



2. Scroll down to  "Privacy settings", click the blue "Edit your privacy settings" link




3. In the page that opens, you have the option to set a simple password protection or add extra security by adding a requirement that your guests register in order to access your website




4. Once you have made your selection, click "Set wedpass"


Your Wedpass is now enabled!


If you choose the Wedpass option that requires your guests to register an account in order to access your site, here is a link you might provide to them with helpful information regarding the login process:

Please note that the Wedpass feature only works for your entire website. It cannot be set to password protect individual pages or event entries (your "RSVP" page, example).


Guest registration requirement

If you choose this setting for your wedpass, your guests will have to create an account with MyWedding (this is strictly so you can track who has viewed your site and we do not use/share/sell any of your guests' information). Once their account is created, they can login on the first page of the site, and then they will be asked for the wedpass on a following page. This is the ONLY time your guests will need the wedpass, they will be approved users beyond this point. The next time they want to view your site, they will only need to log-in, using the email address and password they used to create their account.