What Facebook options does MyWedding offer?

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Currently, the only Facebook integration options we offer with the free wedding websites are the Facebook "Like" button and single sign-on.


Sam Mywedding 2012-12-19 16-43-35.pngThe Facebook "Like" button:  If enabled, the button will appear at the bottom of each of your website pages. When a guest clicks the button, a "like" status will post on that guest's profile along with a link to your website. You can then follow your guests' "likes" by checking their status in their news feeds. For more information on settings, see this helpful article.


faceboo_single_signon.pngWith the Facebook single sign-on option enabled, you can log in to your mywedding.com account with your Facebook username and password. One lest set of login details to keep track of! Please note that once you have enabled single sign-on, you will not be able to edit your details in your account "Personal Profile" tab. You will need to disconnect your Facebook login details from your mywedding.com account in order to do so.