How can I publish my website to a portable format - CD/DVD, book, etc.?

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We don't offer a direct service that would allow you to download a wedding website or save a copy of a wedding website in a portable format such as a CD/DVD, digital file, or book.

However, you might consider taking screenshots of your website pages. In this way, you could save those images on your computer and then make a CD/DVD, slideshow, or even print out the pages for a keepsake book or album. (Note that directly printing the pages from your browser will often leave out certain graphic elements.)

There are some helpful articles on taking screenshots on Windows and Mac available at

If you wish to do some editing after taking screenshots of your website pages, you might consider using the online resources at Photo Bucket. There, you can upload and edit your screenshot files.

Finally, your wedding website will stay online for as long as you want. As long as you make sure your email on file is accurate and we are able to contact you if needed, we won't take it down. It’s yours to keep!