How do I add vendors to My Vendors?

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To add vendors to your Vendor List in your MyWedding account, log into your account click the link titled Find local vendors located under the Account Home tab . From there you can choose the location closest to you from the list of local Wedding Guides.

In the page that opens, select the category in which you wish to search for vendors.

Now, when you run across one you really like, click the View profile button to open that vendor's full profile.

Next, if you wish to add the vendor to your list, click the Save profile button located on the right hand side of the profile. This will add the vendor to your Vendor List so you can keep track of which vendors you are considering and may ultimately wish to employ for your events. This will also act as a quick reference for when you wish to contact a vendor from your list; you can contact them directly from their listing.

Adding your own vendors that are not in our database is not an option at this time. However, you might consider using one of your Custom Pages to create a page specifically for your vendors. This way you can keep track of your own vendors as well as share them with your guests if you wish.