How do I upload photos that are on my computer into a photo gallery?

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You can upload photos / images already stored on your computer to your Photo Gallery page. You'll need to set up a gallery first, then follow these steps:


1. On your Photo Galleries admin page, scroll down and click the “Manage Photos” link next to the gallery that you have created.



2. Click the “Upload new photos to gallery” link.



3. Choose the "Select Files" button


4. Navigate through your computer and select the desired photos/images. Hold either " Ctrl" (command if on a Mac) or "Shift" to select multiple images at once.


5. Select the "Upload selected files" button


6. If needed, add photo descriptions, name or keywords. Select "Save All" and the photos will be added to the gallery. 


Click here for a helpful article regarding the criteria photos must meet to be successfully uploaded.