Website not showing up - "Page not found"

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When attempting to access your website by entering the URL in your browser (not a search box), and you land on an error page saying "page not found", you may need to republish your website.


Sometimes there are old data left over from recent updates than can cause this issue. Republishing should take care of the issue. Republishing your site is the same as selecting a new design. Here are the steps:


1. Log in and hover over your names with your mouse



2. Select "my website"




3. Scroll down to the “Website Design” heading and click the blue “Select Your Design” link. 


4. Click the “Select Design” button on the far right. (Note: you do not need to select a new design.)



5. Close the design browser, and then enter your website URL into your browser; you should land on your website instead of the error page now. 


If this does not correct the problem, please let us know by submitting a support request or emailing us at