Custom domain URL- wedpass password not working in Internet Explorer or Safari

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There is a glitch inherent to Internet Explorer or Safari that may prevent access to your private site (wedpass password) when a custom domain URL is "masked" over your wedding website URL.


  • You have a custom domain URL set up to redirect to your wedding website, and
  • That URL is "masked" - set to allow your custom URL to display in your browser URL field as opposed to your URL, and
  • You or a guest is using Internet Explorer or Safari to access your website,

The password form will not work. When the password is entered, it will just go back to the blank password form. Access to your website will not be granted.

To avoid this problem, it would be best to contact your domain registrar support department and ask that they remove the mask for your custom URL and simply have it point to your URL. This will make your private site accessible via all web browsers. However, please note that with a simple pointing redirect set up, your custom domain URL will not appear in the browser URL field; your URL will.

If you want more information on or further assistance with this issue, please feel free to submit a support request or send us an email at