Music not playing in the pop-up window

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If you have automatic pop-up blockers set on your browser, your music will not begin to play automatically when you or your guests open your website. If this is the case, you’ll need to turn them off in order for the music window to display properly and play music while you browse the site. 

To allow pop-ups for your music to play, here are the quick steps:

Internet Explorer:

1.On your browser bar, click "Tools"

2.Click "Pop-up Blocker"

3.Click "Pop-up Blocker Settings"

4.In the box marked "Address of Website to Allow" type in ""

5. Click "Add" and then click "Close"


1.On your browser bar, click "Tools"

2.Click "Options"

3.Click the "Content" tab

4.In the box marked "Block pop-up windows",  click the button marked "Exceptions"

5. In the window that opens, enter "" and click "Allow"

6. Click "Ok"

Google Chrome:

1. On your browser, click the “wrench” icon in the upper right corner of the window

2. In the dropdown menu, click “Settings”

3. Scroll down and click the blue “Show advanced settings. . .” link

4. Click the “Content settings” button located under “Privacy”

5. Under “Pop ups”, you can select from options to allow all pop ups or allow no pop ups. If you wish to set an exception for, click “Manage exceptions”

6. In the “Pop up settings” window that opens, enter “” and click “Ok”.

Unfortunately, there is not an option to allow exceptions in Apple Safari. In this case, you would need to disable the pop-up blocker settings in order to allow the music window to open and play in that browser.


1. Click “Safari” in the browser menu (to the right of the Apple icon)

2. In the dropdown menu, click “Block pop-up windows”