Uploading music

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To begin uploading songs to your “Music” page:

1. Log into your account and select Manage Website


2. Click on the "Music" page link.


3. Scroll down to where it says "Manage your music playlist" and click "Add song".


4. To upload a song, click the "Browse" button (#1), then follow the steps for uploading a song from your computer. Once you have uploaded a song, make sure you click the "Upload" button (#2). 




Once you have saved your song, click on the "Music" page link again, refresh your screen and you will see the song! In this section, you may also choose autoplay options. These options allow you to choose whether to have your song selections play on your website "Home Page", open in a new window, or play on the "Music" page only.

Please note, there is a 25MB upload limit that can typically allow for 3-4 songs depending on the size of the music files/length of the songs.