Can I add photos to pages other than the Photo Galleries page?

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You may add photos to any of your pages except for the “RSVP”, “Registries”, “Contact Us”, “Guestbook”, and “Music” pages.


To add photos to your other pages:


1. Hover your mouse over the couple's names and select "my website". 



2. Click on any of the website pages, I'm  using the "Our Story” page (for example).




3. Scroll down and click “Add Story” (or click “Edit” to add a photo to an existing item).



Give the item a title and enter in any other information you’d like. Any fields left blank will not show up on the page when you are finished.


4. At the bottom of the page, you can upload a photo from your computer by clicking the "Browse" button.



5. After you have added the photo, click "Save".


You may create as many items as you’d like with one photo per item. You can add photos to other pages in this same manner.