How do I upload pictures from My Photos to my Photo Gallery page?

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To begin creating galleries in your “Photo Galleries” page with the photos you have uploaded into the “My Photos” library in your account:


1. Hover over the couple's name (ex: Jack & Jill) and select "my website"



2. Click on the dedicated “Photo Galleries” page




3. Click the “Add Gallery” link




 4. Title your new gallery in the provided field and add a description if you'd like




 5. Click “Save”


 6. Go back to the Photo Galleries page and click the “Edit” link next to the gallery that you just created.




7. Click the “Add photos from My Photos” link (all of the pictures that you uploaded will show up as well as the descriptions.) Additionally, If you'd like to upload new photos from your computer, click the “Upload new photos to gallery” link.



8. Finally, just select the images you'd like to add to this gallery and “Save” to update the page.


You can make as many galleries as you'd like!